Road Network Asset Management

Jons Civil Engineering Company Ltd. (JCEL) undertook our first dedicated network asset management project in 2007. Since then we have provided maintenance services across the country.

Critical to our success has been the development of our in-house Traffic Management Team (experienced and qualified designers, supervisors and operatives) and our dedicated fleet of plant and equipment. Our goal is to minimise disruption whilst maximising safety.

Our experience ranges from local roads to live motorways, with AADT’s of up to 140,000.

With our maintenance partner Globalvia we maintain some of the most complex and busiest roads systems in Ireland including the “ Red Cow” roundabout which carries in excess of 100,000 vehicles per day.

Projects that Jons have been part of:

  • The Mmarc Network A Contract
  • Enhanced Motorway Operation Services
  • North-West Bridge Maintenance Contract
  • Longford Bridge Rehabilitation

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