Projects - UBR139 Bray Bridge

UBR139 Bray Bridge

Project Description

The bridge was constructed circa 1860 using Timber Piles. As part of the new flood relief scheme the river channel had to be lowered by over 1 m, which could endanger stability of the timber piles of the bridge. Jons carried out the following works to protect the bridge:

Phase 1:

Installation of sheet piles around the abutments and piers (2nr) of railway bridge crossing the River Dargle in Bray. Height restrictions of 4.5m to install 15m and 12m long piles meant the piles had to be driven in sections and welded in-situ whilst working within a tidal environment. Extensive structural monitoring carried out to the bridge and rails during the course of the works

Phase 2:

Anchoring of bridge abutments with rock anchors and walling beams, strengthening of piers and concrete coating to sheet piles installed during phase 1. Excavation of existing riverbed and installation of rock armour engineered river bed with geotextile separation layer at formation.


Iarnrod Eireann


Bray, County Wicklow


Byrne Looby


Main Contractor and PSCS