Projects - Rossmore Settlement Ponds and Junction Upgrade

Rossmore Settlement Ponds and Junction Upgrade

Project Description

This project included the construction of settlement and infiltration lagoons at Rossmore Quarry facility in Co. Cork. The lagoons form part of the mitigation measures to be implemented in line with the development of the adjoining quarry facility, which involves the deepening of the quarry by 20m across an area of 7.6 hectares.

The main elements of work involved:
• Excavation of existing natural slope (comprising soil over rock)
• The construction of a lined settlement lagoon
• An unlined infiltration lagoon, with associated inlet and outlet structures,
• A 5m wide access road which runs around the perimeter of both the lagoon and infiltration area.
• Movement of over 100,000m3 of material
• A landscaping bund over 6m in height with side slopes of 1:2.5
• Blasting rock from the lagoon and hauling to the quarry


Lagan Quarries


Rossmore, County Cork


PMCE Consultants


Works Contractor and PSCS