Projects - Aghada Power Station – Intake Pumphouse Cofferdam

Aghada Power Station – Intake Pumphouse Cofferdam

Project Description

This project involved the design, construction and excavation of a twin walled sheet piled cofferdam at the Aghada Power Station to facilitate the construction of a new intake Pump house on behalf of ESBI.

The works were carried out in aggressive tidal marine conditions. The cofferdam comprises over 620 sheet-piles, each 18 metres in length, driven into the seabed and clutched together to form a twin walled dam 8 metres wide around the footprint of the new pumphouse. The pumphouse itself is 22 metres wide x 44 metres in length and at high tide there is a level difference of just under 11 metres from high water level to the base of the now dry excavation.

All temporary and permanent works were carried out by JCEL including sheet piling, ties, props, anchors and walers to the cofferdam.




Aghada, County Cork


Main Contractor for Cofferdam works