Flood Defence & Marine

Jons Civil Engineering Company Ltd. (JCEL) have had the pleasure of being part of large and smaller scale projects, which have provided much needed Flood Defence Schemes to local communities and businesses.

These projects include but are not limited to sheetpiled and concrete reinforced floodwalls, excavation of material from river for river dredging and widening of channel cross sections, construction of concrete box culverts realigning existing watercourse through the proposed defences, installation of flood gates, pumping chambers and vertical realignment of sections of existing locals road to raise existing levels above flood defences.

While providing the new Flood Defence Schemes’, construction of park amenity’s, landscaping, new footpaths and boardwalks with public lighting were completed.

Projects that we have completed in this specialised sector include:

  • River Dargle Flood Defence Scheme
  • Skibbereen Flood Defence Scheme

All works were carried out in, over or adjacent to rivers which required a constant consultation with Inland Fisheries Ireland.  As a lot of these works were carried out within Urban Environments we appointed a Public Liaison to each project, which enabled us to maintain communication with local residents and business owners.

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