Jons Civil Engineering Company Limited

Jons Civil Engineering Company Limited


Jons Civil Engineering Company Ltd

has over 28 years experience in the successful delivery of infrastructural projects in Ireland, specialising in the innovative execution of complex Civil Engineering projects.

Jons Civil Engineering carry out the majority of works by direct labour managed by experienced Civil Engineers.

Jons Civil Engineering have built up a large fleet of modern plant and have the capability of performing the following activities:

Road Schemes

From local Roads Contracts to major Motorway Contracts

Major Earthworks



Including in-situ concrete, precast beams, steel girders and trusses and a range of specialist methods

Traffic Management


Including Bearing Piles, sheetpiling and Cofferdams

Railway Lines & Stations

Marine works

Including outfalls, viaducts, groynes, training walls and dredging


Including slipforming, rockdrilling and cranage operations

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Design & Build Projects

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Jons Civil Engineering is committed to maintaining a working environment that is safe, healthy, and attentive to the environment and in compliance with all applicable European, National and Local Regulations.

We are committed to performing all of our activities, operations and other services in a manner that eliminates or minimises any adverse impacts on the environment (giving high priority to the prevention of pollution to air, water and land) or the safety and health of our employee’s visitors, sub contractors and suppliers in so far as reasonably practicable. We are committed to continual improvement of environmental performance and reduction of occupational injury and illness and we encourage environmental, health and safety responsibility.

Management Programme

We actively support this policy by setting objectives and targets, and implementing an Environmental Health and Safety Management Programme on all of our sites.

EHS policy

Our specific endeavours are outlined in the EHS policy. We are committed to the continual education and training of our employees to enable the implementation of this Environmental, Health and Safety Policy. It is the individual responsibility of all Company employees to support and apply this environmental policy as it pertains to their activities.

The certificate

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Standard In September 2009, we gained certification to ISO 14001:2004, the Environmental Management System Standard.

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Jons Civil Engineering is dedicated to quality and continuous process improvement for both clients and employees. Our main objective is to ensure that through our Quality management system we deliver the full requirements to the client within the timeframe given, successfully achieving quality in both the administration of our projects and in the delivery of a product which meets the Clients requirements.

We focus on the objectives outlined in the policy attached to achieve this overall goal. Policy link

Integrated Management System

It is the Policy of Jons Civil Engineering Company Ltd (JCEL), to work within a management system that provides a Quality Product and Service for the Employer. Jons Civil Engineering Company Ltd. has an integrated management system covering Quality, Health and Safety and Environmental. JCEL’s integrated management System is registered to I.S. EN ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001: 2007 and ISO14001:2004 by the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI), Construction Quality Assurance Ireland and IQNET). The scope of the registration is “The provision of Civil Engineering Construction services” and this includes the office and site based activities of JCEL. JCEL are audited twice a year on all three standards by the NSAI.

See ISO 9001 Cert link, (note ISO14001 and OSHAS 14001 certificates in Environmental and Health and Safety Sections respectively)

Quality Assurance Team

JCEL employ a full time Quality Manager with over 10 years experience in systems management. This ensures that Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety plans are developed, implemented and maintained on all projects in conjunction with the Health and Safety Department. All The system is designed to ensure when implemented the entire workforce is responsible for meeting the contract requirements with respect to quality, programme and safety.

Quality System

Each project has a site specific Project Quality Plan developed in accordance with the client's needs and requirements. This plan is developed in consultation with the customer and their active involvement in its design and implementation is encouraged. The plans are live documents that are revised continuously during the course of the project. The Project Quality Management Plan defines the requirements for the design and construction of a project, and the manner in which it the plan will be implemented, managed and audited over the construction period. The overall purpose of the Project Quality Plan is to establish a project system capable of meeting contract and regulatory requirements. It seeks, through verification documents to ensure that appropriate systems are in place to meet these requirements and guides the staff in implementing them. The Project Quality Management Plan provides an ongoing reference during the course of the project, and a focal point for recording events and milestones. The company encourages the Designer Site Representative, Office designer and suppliers to be involved in the formulation and monitoring of the Project Quality Management Plan. This provides an agreed datum against which the progress of the project can be assessed. This Project Quality plan is controlled and managed by our company Quality Manager as well as the on-site Team. We firmly believe that this approach exemplifies how quality management in construction should be operated and proof of this is in retaining and developing our Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental certification. Jons civil Engineering Company ltd. prides itself on delivering high quality infrastructure facilities to the client ahead of time and on budget.
We strive to do so in a safe manner, causing as little disruption to the general public as possible.

CPD Training

Jons Civil Engineering is dedicated to Continual Professional Development (CPD) of our professional staff encouraging both in house and external training. Many of our Engineers are members of the IEI and have obtained chartership.

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Health & Safety

As a major contractor, it is the policy of Jons Civil Engineering Company Limited to make certain that all its operations are executed and managed at all times to ensure that the uppermost standards of health and safety are achieved.

Jons Civil Engineering Co. Ltd. abide by the adage “ there is no job so urgent that it cannot be done safely”

Jons are independently audited by NSAI and have achieved the OHSAS 18001 accreditation.

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